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Should a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Continue to Drive?

It’s a troubling question, given the value we put on independence  and the love and the dependence we have on motor vehicles.  Taking the car keys away can often seem like a death sentence but must be balanced against the safety of other drivers on the road. I’ve had more conversations with children than I […]

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Maxwell Smart with Alzheimers?

I was a big fan of Get Smart, the TV show from the 1960’s that aired in reruns through the 1980’s.  The main characters were two government secret agents.  Actor Don Adams played Agent 86 and his female partner, Agent 99, was played by Barbara Feldon.  (Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway starred in a recent […]

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How Getting the Right Advice Can Save You $500,000

A recent client of ours presented the following very common fact pattern.  Jack and Diane are in their early 60’s.  Diane was diagnosed in her 50’s with early onset Alzheimer’s Disease and now needs nursing home care.  The couple have a primary home, a small vacation home at the Jersey shore and several hundred thousand […]

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Of Alzheimer’s Disease and Government Shutdowns

 A new survey by the MetLife Foundation  indicates that Alzheimer’s Disease is more feared by adult Americans than any other disease except cancer – and in a few years that just might change.  Approximately 1000 Americans were interviewed last fall.  31% indicated they most feared Alzheimer’s Disease, ahead of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.  41% […]

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When is it Too Late to Plan?

Last month we lost one of our clients to an unfortunate accident.  John  was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease and living at home with his wife, Mary (not their real names).  Mary was 20 years younger than John and still working to support the couple.  We had begun to long term care […]

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One of the Clearest Warning Signs of Dementia

            More often than not, the first call we receive about a prospective client who is facing long term care concerns comes from a child or other family member, rather than the senior client.  And so often the caller expresses surprise at recently discovering that Mom or Dad is slipping.  It is how that discovery […]

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