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                Not a week goes by in which someone doesn’t call us about Medicaid eligibility as it relates to trusts.  The question is usually some version of the following, “I transferred assets to an irrevocable trust.  Can you confirm for me that those assets are protected and not countable by

       In last week’s post I told you about QLACs, qualified longevity annuity contracts.  This week I’ll delve into the pros and cons.  As I stated last week distributions under a QLAC begin at a specified starting date that you choose but no later than age 85.  There

       Chances are a QLAC is not something you’ve heard of but over time that may change. It stands for Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract and it’s a relatively new investment option. The term “qualified” may be a tip off to some that it is a type of retirement account investment.